“Bryan did a training that was practical and reproducible.

“First and foremost, he demonstrated the love of Christ toward our neighbours. As a result, many participants came to understanding that they didn’t love these neighbours and repented of this. Several churches began praying each week for their neighbours. A nation-wide association of fellowships started fasting and praying for these people on the first Friday of the month.

“After the training, several participants reported they had started using the pracitcal sharing techniques Bryan taught, beginning from the things our neighbours and Cristians hold in common.

“A number of us have decided to invite Bryan to a gathering (perhaps next year) where regional leaders from all parts of the country, from various denominations, will get this training.

“Bryan did more than just teach and train. He went further and, with many examples, encouraged us to see that our neighbours can be reached with the Gospel. He shared his vision that the Holy Spirit is working in this part of the world, and that we may see a movement take off.

“Thanks again for contributing into the lives of our people, Bryan! May God bless your ministry. We hope to see you again and minister together to the unreached in this region.”

Pastor Z, from CA
(Identify and location not given, for security reasons)

“We have been blessed by the input of Asia Pacific Discipleship Trust to GraceWay Church. The FFF ministry has been an effective vehicle for reaching out to immigrants in our city, and their various outreach publications have been excellent resources in this regard. Bryan’s passionate vision has also been a real inspiration. I unreservedly commend this organization.”

Pastor Graham Wilson
GraceWay Church

“The APDT is a credible Christian ministry and at the Tabernacle we have greatly valued our partnership with the ‘Our Neighbours’ movement and the input and ministry of Bryan Johnson and the FFF initiative in particular. This has been of significant support to us as we continue to grow as a community in reaching out in love to our Muslim neighbours here in NZ. Thank you!”

Neil Baker
Senior Pastor, Auckland Baptist Tabernacle

“Bryan, I am writing to sincerely thank you for conducting the X-Cultural Workshop for the churches of Hawera at our Baptist Church recently.

“You and your whole team were a joy to work with. No tension, great team work, high standard of presentation. It was an undoubted success for the approximately 50 people who attended from the various churches. We look forward to you continuing this journey with us in Hawera.

“An unexpected benefit for our small Baptist Church (35 members) was the fillip it has given to our people. There is a definite sense of expectation now, as to what the Lord might do through us. From the teaching and testimonies you and the team brought, I believe the church is lifting. We are sensing more of God’s spirit and look forward to continuing the relationship with you.

“We have a real desire to connect with people of other faiths and ethnicities and look forward to getting to know them in a deeper way. We are keen to show God’s love and trust the saving power of Jesus will have an eternal impact, as you have given us the tools to talk deeply with and love our “neighbours” here in Hawera.

“May the Lord continue to watch over your life and ministry.”

Pastor Paul Grant
Hawera Baptist