Memorial to Pastor Vipul Kharat

On the 23rd January 2016 Ps Vipul Kharat had a massive heart attack in India in his parents home, and did not survive past lunchtime. He was promoted to glory with Our Lord Jesus Christ whom he loved so much. He was the Pastor of All Nations Nazarene Church in Balmoral Auckland a unique multicultural Church in Auckland where the poor were fed everyday from the continuous kitchen.

The Trustees of the APDT remember Rev Vipul Kharat as the opening speaker at the ‘Our Neighbours Conferences’ they conduct around New Zealand. Ps Vipul would testify to the dramatic way God changed Vipul’s heart from a man who could not pray for Osama Bin Laden, to a man who was passionately reaching out to Our Neighbours and transforming his church into a beacon of light for Our Neighbours. His heart was transformed and renovated by the Lord.

He was our dearest brother in the Lord here in Auckland who had a very similar passion for ministry in the finest of Nazarene traditions. He was a trustee of The Asia Pacific Discipleship Trust, the trust that hosted all Our Neighbours Conferences and he attended all conferences at his own expense and sacrificially gave himself to the ministry.

Rev Vipul Kharat is survived by his darling wife Suzanne, and 12 year old son Sameer.