Authentic discipleship

Reflecting the science of authentic discipleship, down to the heart level of obedience to God.

Access the “Word of God” through Choose your version – We recommend NASB.

The Asia Pacific Discipleship Trust seeks to provide a strategic platform to recover a renewed passion for hearing the Word of God and developing a Hebraic РChristian worldview to life in God. Back to Biblical roots of the faith will create a way forward to provide us a living resource for disciplined leadership and genuine hope for the future in today’s modern world.

Our focus

The Asia Pacific Discipleship Trust is a Trust focused on ‘promoting the science of disciplined leadership in the marketplace’.

Its core values are:

  • Love (God’s unconditional love)
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Vision
  • Discipline
  • Compassion
  • Mercy

The objectives of the Trust are to make disciples in the marketplace through disciplined leadership. The Torah and the teaching of Jesus Christ (in the four Gospels – Injis) are the source of our principles for life and relationships with everyone we meet and interact with in society.

We mobilise people to our discipleship objectives through literature, conferences, retreats, seminars, workshops, training courses, DVDs, emails, websites and conversations.

See our resources for discipleship at: – for the seeker – for the seeker – for the serious student

Conference (Hui)

We run life-changing conferences that help you form friendships with your Neighbours. Read more …

Our neighbours

New Zealand towns and cites are becoming home to very different, immigrant people. Read more…


We publish and promote books that help people like you engage with your Neighbours. Read more …

Discipleship Booklets

Discipling new believers is a priority for our ministry. We have published the booklet “Answers to New Christians Questions” in many languages. To access these “free”, go to and select the language you prefer.

We recommended that you disciple new converts using this booklet, by meeting each week with your new disciple and discussing 3~4 questions each session. The booklet is set out in the way a new Christian grows in Christ. In 20~25 weeks the new convert will be growing in the Lord.